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New Arabic Mehndi Designs 2014

Arabic Mehndi Designs getting popularity in the whole world day by day. Few years before Arabic mehndi designs was just considered by Arab countries. Now Arabic mehndi designs catch the attraction of Asian women. These designs are so simple and beautiful; every woman can use them in their hands and foots.

There are many types of mehndi designs available almost all over the world. All designs are popular for their respective area, culture and tradition. Arabic Mehndi Designs is one of the most popular mehndi designs which mostly applied by asian women or arab world. Other mehndi designs such as Pakistani mehndi designs, Indian mehndi designs, Wedding mehndi design, tattoo designs etc are the most popular categories of mehndi designs.

Arabic Mehndi Designs are slightly different from other types of mehndi designs. Usually dark black and brown colors are used in Arabic mehndi designs which enhance the beauty of whole art. We are sure; you never seen any single wedding where bride are ready without mehndi designs. Bridal look cannot complete without applying proper mehndi designs on hands and foots of bride.

Mehndi designs are the most important factor for every woman on all the type of celebrations such as mehndi ceremonies, wedding parties, eid festival and other traditional gathering.

Fashions Town brings for you latest Arabic Mehndi Design Collection for 2014. You can find here latest Arabic mehndi designs 2013-2014 collection. Most of the mehndi designs are applied on the front side of hand as well as back side of hand. Let’s have a look at New Arabic Mehndi Designs 2013.

Please try to give your feedback about these mehndi designs. So we can consider your feedback for future reference. This feedback will help us to introduce new & unique ideas of mehndi designs to our viewers.


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  2. superb designs

  3. Nice designs bt i want to kn0w h0w arabic designs different from other designs like pakistani, indean?

  4. good designs bt i want to new design for arabian mehandi design……

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  7. Mm i liked it very much and very superb…thank u for such fantastic design

  8. Very good desing

  9. All Design are Very Nice

  10. beautiful designs

  11. such a beautiful designs….different

  12. vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvery nice

  13. Please also write here the procedure to download mehndi henna designs pictures from this website? And please also elaborate what is different between Arabic or Simple Mehndi Designs? What is Henna and What is Mehndi?

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